It's simple really - because it is owner operated you have a true expert with years of experience waxing you, it is what I do all day! 

Additionally, you are a unique human being and what works for one person may not work for another - I work with you to discover which techniques work the best for you and your body, including which wax out of the several I have on hand gets the job done the most efficiently. 

Your wax experience should be quick, sanitary, provide long lasting results, be minimally painful and above all, you need to feel comfortable during the procedure. 

These are all qualities that clients continue to experience with The Sassy Peach Brazilian Wax.

Hi! I'm Jennifer the licensed esthetician who owns and operates The Sassy Peach in Windsor, CA.                                                                                                     Choosing an esthetician for an intimate service like a Brazilian wax can be scary, I know. Relax. At The Sassy Peach, you're in good hands. I completed the esthetic program at Le Melange Academy in 2007 where I was trained in both Brazilian waxing and Microdermabrasion.                                                                                                         I genuinely love getting to know each and every one of my clients. In fact, for me, going in to work feels a lot like going out for cocktails with my girlfriends! It's 20-30 min of laughter, great conversation and solving the world's problems - with wax!                                                                                        I truly am an expert in Brazilian waxing and I believe you deserve the best. I will work with you to find the best wax and the best techniques to give you the best results so that you can embrace your Sassy!                                                                                                                                I can't wait to meet you!

What makes The Sassy Peach the best in Brazilian Waxing?


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